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Jim Chapman Construction Group (JCCG) is a Georgia-based development and construction firm that specializes in the "Build to Rent" (BTR) asset class, aiming to redefine multi-family housing. This group brings extensive expertise and industry knowledge to guide projects to successful completion. Regardless of whether a client has detailed plans or simply a piece of land and a vision, JCCG possesses the capabilities to assist.

The firm offers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from pre-construction assistance to design-build, construction management and general contracting. Drawing upon over 275 years of collective knowledge, JCCG brings a wealth of experience to every project. Its approach is rooted in cultivating partnerships and maintaining a collaborative mindset throughout construction.

As part of the residential homebuilding industry for over 25 years, JCCG has developed and built more than 2,000 homes. The firm has established business partnerships that grant some control over its building material supply chain and wholesale labor teams, a critical component to its process.

In 2017, leveraging its experience in the Active Adult market, JCCG shifted its focus entirely to the BTR community lines of business. Specifically, the group targets high-level workforce housing and the active adult/senior demographic that prefers to rent and a flexible, maintenance-free lifestyle.

To date, JCCG has completed and sold three BTR communities totaling over 600 units to institutional ownership. Presently, the firm is developing six BTR communities, approximately 1,500 units, at various stages of horizontal and vertical development. Five of these communities have already been forward sold to institutional investors.

Jim Chapman Construction Group possesses the expertise and industry knowledge necessary to steer any project to a successful finish.