About Us

an Atlanta native and graduate of The Westminster Schools, is a home building veteran who started his own custom home building firm, Jim Chapman Fine Homes, in 1998 after earning an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 1996.

From 1998 through 2005, his firm primarily built custom homes in Buckhead and Alpharetta, Georgia and Highlands. In 2005, he began to also build and develop an active adult portfolio under the brand of Jim Chapman Communities, which became synonymous with high quality, maintenance-free, age-restricted communities throughout metropolitan Atlanta. The private, often gated, communities offered a variety of architectural styles and were set in prime locations in the North Atlanta metropolitan area.

As a builder and developer, Jim is deeply committed to the success of the U.S. home building industry and dedicates a large portion of his limited free time to a variety of local, regional and national housing industry organizations.  He recently served as the President of the Homebuilders Association of Georgia (2021) and the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association (2018) as well as Build PAC Chairman.


With more than 15 years of expertise in project management, procurement and field operations, Chris plays a pivotal role in cultivating client relationships at JCCG. His career journey began as a field superintendent for a national builder, where he gained invaluable on-site experience. He subsequently ventured into the Atlanta commercial contracting sector, further diversifying his skill set. Chris has demonstrated remarkable competence by coordinating Build- to-Rent (BTR) construction projects here at JCCG from initial site fit assessments to vertical completion in a remarkable 13 communities, resulting in an impressive 2,500 units.

Underpinning his accomplishments is Chris’s innate ability to navigate complex project landscapes, seamlessly blending strategic planning with hands-on execution. His astute understanding of procurement intricacies has consistently optimized resource allocation and budget adherence, a testament to his meticulous approach. Chris thrives on fostering collaborative environments, effortlessly aligning diverse teams toward a unified vision. His leadership style, honed through years of multifaceted project oversight, is characterized by adaptability, decisiveness, and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Chris’s indelible mark extends beyond the completion of projects; it resides in the lasting rapport he forges with stakeholders and the enduring legacy of each meticulously orchestrated endeavor.

Kevin’s expansive expertise serves as the cornerstone for intricate project orchestration, seamlessly guiding teams across residential and commercial spectrums. His multifaceted role transcends conventional project management, encompassing a pivotal liaison with esteemed engineers and consultants. His strategic foresight illuminates the project’s path, meticulously refining blueprints and design schemas. Kevin’s adept navigation through the labyrinth of municipal processes, adeptly shepherding projects through the rigorous permitting journey, exemplifies his finesse in regulatory compliance. Beyond his profound technical expertise, Kevin’s robust network underscores his influence in the industry, fostering enduring relationships with key governmental figures. His collaborative approach not only shapes stellar developments but also embodies a commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, positioning him at the helm of transformative endeavors.





Kevin’s extensive tenure in single-family and multi-family construction epitomizes his profound influence within JCCG. His role encompasses the strategic orchestration of the construction lifecycle, from meticulous planning to flawless execution. Kevin’s astute leadership resonates in his adept management of field superintendents, ensuring a harmonized synergy between teams and a seamless flow in project execution. His remarkable portfolio boasts a legacy of accomplishment, marked by over 500 impeccably crafted single-family homes and an impressive tally of 1,900 multi-family homes and counting. Kevin’s commitment to excellence permeates through each community project, where his visionary guidance and steadfast dedication are instrumental in shaping vibrant residential landscapes. His wealth of experience not only reflects in the sheer numbers but also in the unparalleled quality and finesse evident in every structure crafted under his stewardship.







Terence stands as a seasoned professional with over two decades of comprehensive expertise within the purchasing and estimating domain, boasting an impressive repertoire of skills. His proficiency spans architectural design, intricacies of purchasing and estimating systems tailored for regional single and multifamily builders, and the adept handling of budgeting and reporting for both single and multi-family plans and options. Terence’s expertise extends to vendor qualification and costing, where his keen eye for detail ensures optimal partnerships and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, his involvement in new community due diligence and setup demonstrates a strategic foresight that contributes to the seamless initiation and success of projects.

Having served as a Purchasing and Estimating Manager for a “Top 25” Builder based in Atlanta, Terence honed his skills in various purchasing and estimating roles within national builders. His academic journey echoes his dedication, holding a Masters of Science degree in Residential Construction and Land Development from the esteemed Georgia Institute of Technology. Underpinning this achievement is an undergraduate degree in Construction Engineering earned from Florida A&M University, laying the foundation for Terence’s profound understanding of construction dynamics.





Melanie’s career career spans a dynamic blend of corporate expertise garnered across two Fortune 500 companies, coupled with an extensive tenure of 15 years dedicated to on-site residential sales in new construction. This unique combination of experiences infuses her approach to marketing, pre-leasing strategies, and customer relations with a rich tapestry of insights. Her multifaceted background not only underscores her adaptability but also shapes her ability to navigate the diverse landscapes of marketing initiatives, pre-leasing tactics, and cultivating robust customer relationships. Her instrumental role extends to meticulously overseeing the pre-leasing phase of our Build-to-Rent (BTR) communities, ensuring a seamless transition as construction nears completion, culminating in a thriving rent roll for the Owners post-project finalization. Melanie’s collaborative approach shines through her close partnership with our third-party Property Management Teams, ensuring a comprehensive alignment of all marketing endeavors. This synergy guarantees that every marketing facet is strategically positioned, optimizing visibility and resonance within the market, ultimately driving robust leasing outcomes for our BTR communities.